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Friday, January 13, 2012

Baybayon Beach In Mabini Bohol

I am a native resident from Tambo, Mabini, Bohol before I work and getting marriage in Cebu City. In our barangay Tambo, the beach is not impressive due to many mangroves in our seashores. Except the Naasog point which has a white & brown sand facing the Leyte island. However, as of today, the place is not developed for commercial use. At kawasihan, Barangay Marcelo develops a beach resort own by the barrangay but there are many sharp stones in the beach that might injured you if you're careless.

At the back of a mountain in Naasog point at barangay baybayon and in sitio Pook, there is white and fine sand facing the Tintinan island. If this area is developed, there is a potential for local & tourist visitors.

This is the Baybayon Beach

Mabini is a source of fat Alimango ( crabs ) and Lukon from barangay Minol and Tangkigan and other Barangay.

 Fat Alimango (crabs)

Lamian nga Lukon ( shrimp )

If you have anything you can share about Mabini, Bohol post it here. Atong i promote ang atong Lungsod.

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