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Friday, January 13, 2012

Baybayon Beach In Mabini Bohol

I am a native resident from Tambo, Mabini, Bohol before I work and getting marriage in Cebu City. In our barangay Tambo, the beach is not impressive due to many mangroves in our seashores. Except the Naasog point which has a white & brown sand facing the Leyte island. However, as of today, the place is not developed for commercial use. At kawasihan, Barangay Marcelo develops a beach resort own by the barrangay but there are many sharp stones in the beach that might injured you if you're careless.

At the back of a mountain in Naasog point at barangay baybayon and in sitio Pook, there is white and fine sand facing the Tintinan island. If this area is developed, there is a potential for local & tourist visitors.

This is the Baybayon Beach

Mabini is a source of fat Alimango ( crabs ) and Lukon from barangay Minol and Tangkigan and other Barangay.

 Fat Alimango (crabs)

Lamian nga Lukon ( shrimp )

If you have anything you can share about Mabini, Bohol post it here. Atong i promote ang atong Lungsod.

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Municipality of Mabini Bohol

Mabini is a 4th class municipality in the province of Bohol, Philippines. According to the 2007 census, it has a population of 28,788 people.

Mabini is politically subdivided into 22 barangays.
Abad Santos
Concepcion (Banlas)
Del Mar
Poblacion I
Poblacion II
San Isidro
San Jose - formerly known as Ondol
San Rafael
San Roque (Cabulao)
Mabini is located in the eastern part of the province. It was established in 1904 out of the barrios of Abaca, Banlas, Bulawan, Lungsodaan, Minol, Poblacion 1 and 2 and Tambo which then belonged to Candijay; Cabulao and San Jose which then belonged to Ubay and Batuanan which a that time was a barrio of Mabini. The first settlers of Sitio Libas came from Duero, Loboc, Guindulmlan, Jagna and Sevilla. The barrios were organized into a new town through the initiative of its parish priest, Fr. Jimenez and municipal president Canuto Bernales.

Congressional District: 3rd
Income Classification: 5th
POPULATION (2000): 27,250
Population Density: 3.39
No. of Households: 5,047
Average Size of Households: 5.28
Land Area (in hectares): 6,455 has.
No. of Barangays: 22
Distance from Capital: 104 kms.
Travel Time from Tagbilaran: 2 hrs. & 20 mins.

Location Map of Mabini Bohol

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My Mother Liberata Hinaloc, brother Rodillio Hinaloc Jr, sister Flordilisa H. Ayag (HS Teacher in Concepcion) is living in Tambo, Mabini, Bohol. I enjoy my teenaged years in Tambo, my birth place. Today, I live in Cebu City with my family, but every year I arrange a couple of times to visit my birth place. I love my home place, Mabini, Bohol.

Bohol Tropics Resort In Tagbilaran City

The Bohol Tropics Resort is a well-known name in Bohol, and many of the local first the name of this place when trying to guess where you are staying.

The resort is located just west of downtown, and faces Panglao island. If you have to stay near the city, but still want to escape in a small enclave of peace, this resort with its landscaped garden is probably your best bet.
At the same time, this is the place for many events in the city. Major conventions, miss elections, as are all celebrated here. This site also has its own disco & ballroom and videoke bar.

Please read some review before decided to stay in this hotel, maybe you want other features that only available in other facilities. Just google "Bohol Tropics Resort".

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