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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The Beauty Of The Bohol Island Philippines

Welcome To Bohol Island Philippines

Bohol, is located in the heart of Central Visayas, the 10th largest island in the country. Approx. 803 km south of Manila and 79 km southeast of Cebu, Bohol is the Heritage Province, the eco-cultural tourism destination of the new millennium. An oval-shaped island dotted with 72 small islets comprising an area of 4,117 sq. km., it has 47 towns and the capital is Tagbilaran. It has approximately a million people.

Bohol's mountainous interior is home to rare and endangered flora and fauna. At certain points, hills drop steeply to the coast from a maximum elevation of 870 meters above sea level. The interior uplands are fitting for agro-forestry and high value agricultural production. The central and northern lowlands have also fertile grounds and abundant water supply. Over a hundred caves have been identified, the biggest of which is found in the eastern part which makes Bohol ideal for spelunking adventures.

The Chocolate Hills are considered one of Philippine's natural wonders, and Bohol Island is generally referred to as the Jewel of the Philippines. They are hills made of limestone leftover from coral reefs during the ice age when the island was submerged. They turn brown during the summer, hence their name.

Most beaches are of white sand. The sand is often of such high quality that it is exported to other beaches in the world. The most well known of these beaches are in Panglao Island, and there, numerous islets have similar, yet untouched and pristine beaches.

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There are four main rivers that run through Bohol with Loboc River being the most well known for its river cruises, running from the center of the island to the southeastern coast. The largest, Inabanga River, runs in the northwestern part of the province. The Abatan River in the southwest, and Ipil river in the north.

Numerous waterfalls and caves are scattered across the island, including the beautiful Mag-Aso falls in Antequera. Mag-Aso means smoke in the native tongue. The water is cool and often creates a mist in humid mornings, which can hide the falls.

Bohol Island is now said to the "God's Little Paradise".

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